Ibrahim Gamal

Full Stack .NET Developer




My name is Ibrahim Gamal, and I’m a Software Developer raised in Egypt. I studied Computer Science in Tanta University. But 90% of what I learned was self-study.

I started programming since my childhood but I didn't focus on a specific technology back then. I was always moving from a technology to another, and from a platform to another till I started taking things professionally and settled on the very first thing I started with which is .NET framework. I'm very satisfied with the .NET methodologies but I always find myself having fun exploring other technologies.

I love building interactive things, this is one of the things why I love coding because it gives me the ability to build and interact with the world. The second thing that makes me love coding is problem solving.

Most of my time is spent on either coding, or learning to code using different tools or frameworks. I spent the rest of the time playing strategy video games. I also love traveling and exploring but I rarely do so because I'm a social introvert person. I also love reading about Psychology and the human brain, and how and why we interact the way we interacted.

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